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In June 2023 the City of Yonkers broke ground on a first-ever Police and Fire Special Operations Training Center. The centers training capabilities and functions will include fire search and rescue, high angle and low angle rope rescue, forcible entry, hose line deployment and many other training skills. The Marty & Iris Walshin Foundation is among one of the major donators for this project.

Girl at Aquarium

In June 2022 the foundation announced our latest naming project. The Discovery Aquarium, a gift from the Marty & Iris Walshin Foundation, which has enhanced the atmosphere at Elizabeth Seton Children's Center. The aquarium creates a captivating, healing experience and is stocked with fish selected for their bright, fun colors for the children, their families and the caregivers to enjoy.

Image by Markus Spiske

The foundation has supported four golf outings this year. The first was the Marty and Iris Walshin Memorial Golf Outing to benefit St. John's Riverside Hospital, followed by Malvern Prep Wrestling Outing, The CLT Regional Training Center Outing and the Northeast Wee Foundation Golf Outing.

Image by Jazmin Quaynor


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